Tachograph Offences

Partner, Rob Kellock, was a full PCV Licence Holder until December 2016 and Kellocks are able to provide expert representation in relation to Tachograph offences. Whilst many of the common offences are not endorsable such as tachograph not being used or not working, exceeding driving times/periods of duty or failing to keep/return written record sheets. Kellocks also have experience of dealing with drivers facing allegations of falsifying or altering records with intent to deceive. There is a serious matter which can potentially be allocated to the Crown Court, like all Tachograph offences, the sentence start point varies for drivers, owner-drivers, owner-companies.

Should you face a Tachograph allegation, please contact Kellocks for expert representation.

The Law

Section 97 AA Transport Act 1968

A person who, with intent to deceive, forges, alters or uses any seal on recording equipment installed in, or designed for installation in a vehicle, to which Section 97 of this Act applies, shall be guilty of an offence.

What am I looking at?

This offence carries a maximum term of imprisonment of 2 years at the Crown Court.

Is Legal Aid available?

As a dishonesty type allegation, Legal Aid is highly likely to be available subject to your financial means.

Contact us now and we can provide you with expert advice regarding Legal Aid eligibility or a fixed fee to provide representation.