Motorway Offences

There are a number of moving track offences that are specific to motorways. These may include driving in reverse or the wrong way on a slip road or on the motorway itself, making a U turn, using the motorway whilst still a learner driver or the increasingly common offence of using a vehicle in a prohibited lane as many people get used to the rules of new smart motorways, the prohibited lane is marked with a red X in another head gantry.

We have extensive experience in representing drivers facing motor offences whilst travelling on the motorway and should you be facing prosecution as a result of incidents on the motorway then please contact Kellocks. A nationwide service is available.

Is Legal Aid available?

It depends.

If your case satisfies the “interest of justice” test and you are financially eligible, Legal Aid may then be available for certain road traffic allegations.

Contact us now and we can provide you with expert advice regarding Legal Aid eligibility or a fixed fee to provide representation.