Appeal against medical revocation of driving licence

If the DVLA have revoked your driving licence on medical grounds, we can help you to challenge that decision.

The Law

Section 94A Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988

If your driving licence has been revoked by the DVLA and you continue to drive then you are committing an offence.


How do I apply?

We can assist you with making written representations to the DVLA or we can directly challenge the decision in a Magistrates Court.

What does the Court look at?

The court will determine whether or not the DVLA has made the correct decision.  The Court will consider the evidence, the issues and representations made on your behalf.

As expert Magistrates Court advocates, Kellocks can significantly improve your prospects of success by ensuring that a thoroughly prepared case is put to the Magistrates for you.

Is legal aid available?

No.  Contact us now and we can provide you with a fixed fee to provide representation.