About Us

Kellocks is one of Lancashire’s leading specialist criminal defence firms. We specialise in providing expert representation at police stations and routinely provide high quality advocacy services at Magistrates Courts and Crown Courts in the North West of England with the ability to offer a nationwide service.

The firm is a contracted supplier to the Legal Aid Agency and has already dealt with more than 20,000 criminal cases. With its highly experienced team of expert criminal defence solicitors to include partner Ivan Dickinson, Michael Leach, Beverley Hackett and Lesley Nicholson, the firm is unusual in being able to offer specialist motoring advice alongside legally aided criminal defence availability for many types of cases.

With changes to police bail practices, many people are now invited to attend the police station on a pre-arranged basis. If this applies to you, CALL US NOW as we will be able to provide expert guidance and represent you at no cost to yourself. Do not fall in to the trap of assuming that because you are not being arrested you do not need legal advice.  You do and we can provide it FREE OF CHARGE.  If you have a case pending at the Magistrates Court, especially if you have just received a postal requisition, summons, or if you have been charged with any offence at a police station then CALL US NOW for advice and representation in court.

We are happy to answer initial telephone enquiries at no cost to you.

Situated off Winckley Square in Preston City Centre, we are able to offer consultations in complete confidence and complete discretion is assured.

Kellocks operates an equal opportunities policy and treats all clients equally regardless of their race, religion, gender or sexuality.

With in house Higher Courts advocacy and access to the highest quality Criminal Barristers, we can deal with cases of all levels of seriousness.  We have particular expertise in serious crime to include major conspiracies under several well known Police Operations, serious drugs offences, major fraud, white collar crime, murder, money laundering and trafficking cases.