Driver jailed after speeding investigation

National newspapers reported yesterday of a case of alleged speeding investigated by the North Yorkshire police.

A 58 year old business man received an immediate custodial sentence of 3 months at York Crown Court after pleading guilty to the offence of perverting the course of justice.  His crime?  Fitting a laser speed detector jamming device to his BMW and using it.

This was not a case where we provided representation but we do have significant experience in this area of law and have provided representation where a similar allegation was made by the same Constabulary which appears to take a uniquely robust approach to the law in this regard.  Our record stands at a 100% acquittal rate.

If you have such a device fitted to your vehicle, you know why its there and you use it, we would suggest that you very carefully consider your position; the potential deterrent impact of this sentence is strong and sends a clear message from the Crown Court.  A conviction for speeding typically involves attendance on a course, a fixed penalty of £100 and 3 penalty points or, for higher speeds, a greater financial penalty and the imposition of up to 6 penalty points or a discretionary disqualification from driving.  A speeding conviction itself cannot lead to a custodial sentence though.

Should you be asked to attend a “voluntary” interview with police or, if you are arrested in relation to a similar allegation, we strongly advise you to get access to a specialist legal advisor and ensure that you are represented at the police station.  Whilst cases can’t always be won at the police station, they can certainly be lost there.  We can provide this service at no cost to yourself as a contracted supplier to the Legal Aid Agency, irrespective of your means.

Drive safely and thanks for reading.

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