Christmas Drink Drive Campaign Launched

Drive safely and drive legally this Christmas. 

Lancashire Constabulary has launched its 2017 drink and drug driving campaign.  Many people remain unaware that recreational drugs can remain present in their blood for many days.  The law has now changed providing specific legal limits for the presence of many common recreational drugs such as cannabis or cocaine.  The police can accurately test for these. 

As ever, it is a separate offence to fail to provide an evidential sample to the police for analysis without reasonable excuse. 

Whilst the legal limits for alcohol have been unchanged for many years, we are continuing to find that many people remain unaware as to the number of units of alcohol they can lawfully consume before driving, with many being caught out by generous measures in bars and restaurants, particularly large glasses of wine.  Those drinking at home need to be even more cautious in this regard.  Our advice has to be not to drink and drive at all.

If you find yourself in conflict with the law this Christmas, we are able to provide free expert advice at the police station 24 hours a day and discreet, professional, non-judgemental representation at court.

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