And another one…

Further to our article in February, another driver has been jailed due to the fitment of a laser jamming device to his car.

We do have experience and expertise in successfully defending allegations of this nature.  If you are reading this, please make a mental note to yourself now never to be interviewed by the police about this type of allegation without taking advantage of expert legal advice first.

Unusually for a practice with a strong motoring law following, we still have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency (to whom we supply five duty solicitors) and we can therefore provide representation at police station interviews at absolutely no cost to yourself.  Nothing.  Zip.  Nada. Free!

Yet again, the imprisoned driver was investigated by North Yorkshire police and we would urge enthusiasts who enjoy a drive out in the Dales to exercise particular caution in this scenic part of the country where speed enforcement appears to take on a particularly high priority.

In a time where pro-active speed limit displays form part of the standard equipment of many new cars and most satellite navigation systems, please bear in mind that speed detection devices are perfectly lawful in the UK but devices which interfere with police detection equipment are treated with increasing seriousness – particularly in North Yorkshire.

Drive safely.


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